General news or opinion pieces on Science.

Scientists Unveil New Form of Matter: Time Crystals

There’s a science headline you don’t see everyday.  To most people, crystals mean diamond bling, semiprecious gems or perhaps the jagged amethyst or quartz crystals beloved by collectors. To Norman Yao, these […]

World’s Earliest Farmers Originated From Diverse Group In The Fertile Crescent

Science once again proves the biblical narrative to be accurate.  Whether farming and agriculture evolved from an exclusive, homogeneous origin or grew from multiple sources has long been a subject of debate […]

Scientists One Step Closer to Building an Invisibility Cloak

      Scientists with the Queen Mary University of London have made a material that makes protruding areas, “appear flat to electromagnetic waves.” A press release by the university notes, “The […]

Zika Epidemic to Last Another Three Years as ‘Too Late’ to Control it

  The Zika epidemic will continue in Latin America for another two to three years, research predicts. Attempts to control the outbreak are now pointless because authorities have missed the chance to […]

Researchers Create Stingray Robot Uses Living Light-Activated Rat Cells to Swim

  A new robot stingray can swim with help from an unexpected source: muscle cells that were taken from rat hearts, a new study finds. Understanding how to build machines from heart […]

Researchers Successfully 3D Print ‘Living’ Body Parts and Tissue

  Since the advent of the 3D printer, many industries have been discovering innovative methods to enhance human life.  From toys and models to food applications by NASA, 3D printers are proving […]

Military Robotics Makers See a Future for Armed Police Robots

Back in the MLMD saddle. First up to bat, killer robots.  As military-grade robotics get cheaper and more capable, someone will arm them and put them on American streets. Robot-maker Sean Bielat […]