How To Use This Site

Pages:  At the top of the site above the fading featured news banner are several pages. This is one of them. These are semi-permanent articles/stories/preview pages that are longer in length than the normal blog post. Some of them are works in progress that will updated when new information comes out or as I can add content to them.

News Articles/ Blog Posts:  Below the featured news banner are the list of linked news articles and blog posts. This is the heart of the website. Most of the stories are news articles that might pertain to biblical prophecy. I say might because while I think that they do most likely pertain to their respective biblical subject, they may just be a type and shadow, or they may be nothing at all. My hope is that by aggregating enough news stories that you will be able to help focus your own thoughts and conclusions on the subjects that interest you. The blog posts are usually mini-expositional commentaries that are either really interesting, or highlight that fact that every phrase, every word, and every letter in the bible is there by deliberate design; hopefully both.

Categories:  On the right side of the page is the categories list. This is a list that you can use to track stories that have been tagged in the same category, such as the Psalm 83 War. This will allow you to click on that category and only see news stories relating to that biblical event. One part of the categories that I want to mention is “The Bible – Every Detail by Deliberate Design” category with its sub-categories that are books of the bible. I initially made these to tag the blog posts so that you could click on Isaiah and see all of the expositional posts about it, but I realized that many of the news articles would also fall under one of the books. For instance the news article “River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight” falls under Revelation (Rev: 16:4). I want you to be able to use this site as resource to investigate topics that are of interest to you regarding the bible, biblical prophecy, and science. In my opinion, each of these articles helps to confirm the Supernatural Worldview.

I’m always open to suggestions and comments! Thanks for dropping by!