Sheba (Yemen)’s Government Pulls Out of Rome II Mediated Peace Talks with Persia (Iran) Proxies

This fight is over control of the Red Sea which leads directly to the Israeli city of Eilat.  Yemen’s exiled government pulled out of UN-mediated peace talks with its Persia (Houthi) adversaries […]

Dedan (Saudi Arabia) Offers Gomer (Germany) 200 Mosques

One for every 100 “Refugees” that arrived last weekend. And who says Middle Eastern Islamist countries aren’t doing their part? Saudi Arabia has reportedly responded to the growing number of people fleeing […]

Dedan (Saudi Arabia) Foreign Minister: We Support Persia (Iran) Deal

I’m sure that Saudi being in advanced discussions with the US government about buying two frigates based on a coastal warship that Lockheed Martin Corp is building for the US Navy, a deal […]

Kerry Promises Billions to Israel, Saudis In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal

Kerry acknowledges that Iran will continue to be the state sponsor of terrorism in the world, but as a consolation prize for giving Iran nukes, we’ll fund Israel’s Arrow-3 and David’s Sling […]

Strange Bedfellows: Saudi Arabia Moves Toward Hamas

Huge Psalm 83 update! I also love this line: “Saudi intelligence officials have been meeting quietly with officials from Mossad.” For Saudi Arabia, it is an opportunity to become the regional leader […]

Coalition Poised to Retake Capital, but Yemen Risks Grow

Meanwhile, in Yemen Weeks after seizing Yemen’s southern port, Aden, members of a Saudi-led military coalition and the local fighters it supports say they are poised to oust Iranian-allied Houthi forces from […]