Persia (Iran) Released 5 Top Al Qaeda Terrorists

Iran let’s top 5 terrorists go.  The United States let top 5 terrorists go.  Obama’s primary advisor was born in Iran.  Hillary Clinton’s advisor is Huma Mahmood Abedin, raised in Saudi Arabia.  […]

Kings of the East (China), Persia (Iran) Consider Establishing Strategic Partnership

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China’s relationship with Iran is “entering a new stage,” with nuclear deal opening up new prospects for cooperation • Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says […]

Magog (Russia), Persia (Iran), Kings of the East (China, North Korea) Pose Top Cyber Threats

Magog Russian hackers penetrated U.S. industrial control networks that run critical infrastructures like the electrical grid, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper, in little-noticed testimony before Congress last week, […]

Vatican Welcomes Persia (Iran) Deal with Magog, Gomer, and the Kings of the East, Pressures Israel to Give Up Nukes

It is just one of those days in the news where the articles are just chalk full of indicators.  The Vatican released a statement Tuesday officially welcoming the nuclear agreement between the […]

IAEA to Demand that Israel Open for inspection Nuclear Reactor in Dimona – Phut and Persia Violated Nuclear Obligations

There’s some good indicators in here. Egypt, ISIS, Hamas, Phut (Libya), Persia (Iran), and the Sinai.  Israel, the United states, and a number of other pro-Israel states are working behind the scenes […]

Obama, Magog (Russia), Persia (Iran), Rome II, ‘Hordes from the East’ and ‘The Third Rome’

  “The prospects are bright, but the road has twists and turns”. These are the words of Mao Zedong, but they could have belonged to Obama. Unfortunately, with regard to the Iran […]

Assad to Magog Media: Persia (Iran) Hasn’t Sent Me an Army

I like how one of the state sponsors of terrorism talks about terrorism.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made an unusual claim in an interview with Magog (Russian) media, stating that his backers […]

Top Persia (Iranian) Space Scientist Killed in Mecca Crane ‘Act of God’

I wonder how long it will be before Israel is blamed.  Top Persia Iranian space scientist and university professor Ahmad Hatami was killed in the crane collapse in Mecca’s Grand Mosque on […]

Warning to US after Magog (Russia) Secret Meeting with Persia (Iran) Quds Force Commander

I’m pretty sure this is how WW III started in a couple of Tom Clancy’s books.  The growing rift between the United States and Russia over concerns that Moscow is employing its […]

Sheba (Yemen)’s Government Pulls Out of Rome II Mediated Peace Talks with Persia (Iran) Proxies

This fight is over control of the Red Sea which leads directly to the Israeli city of Eilat.  Yemen’s exiled government pulled out of UN-mediated peace talks with its Persia (Houthi) adversaries […]