Inside the ISIS Arsenal – Growing to ‘Army’ Level – Supplied by Phut (Libya) and Persia (Iran)

Not bad for the JV team. Notice the Ezekiel 38 Players who are supplying the additional arms. The story does say that they are also supplying arms to Al-Shabaab in Somolia, but […]

Persia (Iranian) Troops Join Magog (Russians) in Syria Fighting

The next step is for Gomer to send some troops and then we’re really cooking with bacon.  Israeli security sources claim Quds Force sending hundreds of elite troops in unprecedented cooperation with […]

A ‘Perfect Storm’ in Syria (Psalm 83 Player) as Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) Increase Support

As all of these indicators keep rolling in the thing that the skeptical need to keep in mind is that biblical prophecy scholars have been saying that these exact countries will be […]

Psalm 83 Player (ISIS) and Persia (Iran) Causing Middle East to ‘DISINTEGRATE’, says Israel PM Netanyahu

Arriving in Downing Street for talks with Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr Netanyahu stated his belief that Israel and Britain can work together to “roll back the tide of militant Islam both […]

U.S. Moves to Block Magog (Russian) Military Buildup in Syria – Planes also Land in Persia (Iran)

I’m glad we are doing something about it. There’s also been reports of Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) and they’ve made stops over in Iran on the way to Syria.  WASHINGTON — The United […]

Persia (Khamenei): Israel Won’t Survive Next 25 Years

The last line is an indicator of the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion. “Persia (Iran), together with Magog (Russia), backs the embattled regime of Bashar Assad, who is opposed by much of the […]

Persia (Iran) Sanctions Relief will Feed Rome II (Europe)’s Syrian Refugee Crisis – Gomer Sold Chemical Weapons to Syria

Gomer, Persia, Rome II, WMD from Ezekiel 39, and Psalm 83 Players all in one news article.  While Gomer (Germany) and Austria are in a celebratory mood about absorbing Syrian refugees, Rome […]

Magog (Russia) Purchased Ten Israeli Drones – Swiss to purchase Six, Move Counters Persia (Iran)

“But that doesn’t make sense” you say. It would seem there is a method to Israel’s play here: “Media reports at the time of the first UAV transaction suggested that the military […]

First Rome II (Austrian) President Travels to Persia (Iran) – Gomer Plans to Visit

Rome II, Persia, Kings of the East, Magog, and Gomer all in one news article.    Austrian President Heinz Fischer was travelling to Persia (Iran) on Monday, becoming the first European head […]

Persia (Iran) to Supply Natural Gas to Rome II (Europe) via Spain

  Persia (Iran) and Spain have signed a deal which would allow the Islamic Republic to supply oil to European countries via Spain. The agreement was formalized in Tehran Monday during a […]