ISIS to Temple Mount – ‘Barbaric’ Islamist War on Antiquities

This is Most Likely the “center of gravity” for the Psalm 83 War.  Entitled “From Jerusalem to Babylon and Back,” the conference had an extra significance this year with the unprecedented, public destruction […]

US Military Ordering Troops in Iraq to Dust Off Chemical Weapon Suits

I wonder where ISIS got these mysterious WMD that “nobody could find” and have used “on multiple occasions.” The U.S. military has ordered its nearly 3,500 troops stationed in Iraq to reacquaint […]

Greece Finds Weapons Shipment Headed for Phut (Libya) on Cargo Ship

  A Greek coast guard special unit raided a Bolivian-flagged freighter off the southern island of Crete on Tuesday, and found a shipment of undeclared weapons apparently headed for Libya, The Associated […]

Report: Palestinian Terrorist Committed ISIS Suicide Bombing

ISIS is gaining influence in Judea and Samaria.  Claims have surfaced of the first reported suicide bombing committed by a Palestinian Arab on behalf of the Islamic State terror organization, Channel 2 reported on Tuesday. Abdullah Jamal, […]

ISIS ‘Growing Like Crazy’ Around World: NBC

So when Obama called these guys the “J.V. Squad” either he deliberately ignored his intelligence assessments or he had them altered to fit his political agenda. We’ve already seen that the latter […]

Egypt Quietly Warms Relations with Syria in Fight Against ISIS

Psalm 83 Update. You gotta hand it to Egypt. They are trying to navigate some extremely hostile waters with people who hate Egypt for having a peace treaty with Israel.    Egypt […]

Obama’s Politicized Intelligence

This is why I posted a “real” intelligence analysis piece yesterday. Politicizing intel gets people killed. In this case, thousands of people are being tortured and killed and we aren’t doing anything […]

ISIS Global Strategy Institute for the Study of War Assessment

In light of the news reports lately about doctored intelligence assessments regarding ISIS, I thought that a real assessment from a think-tank would offer some perspective on what exactly it is that […]