Barak: Ya’alon and Steinitz Nixed Iran Strike in 2011

  Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak is claiming that Israel was ready to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2011, but Ministers Moshe Ya’alon and Yuval Steinitz refused, and the plan was nixed. […]

Judaism: The Temple Institute on Parshat Shoftim: Preparing for Battle Torah from the Old City of Jerusalem.

  G-d promised the land of Israel to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, the three Patriarchs, and He intends to keep His promise. All that He requires is that Israel shows couragein the […]

HARBINGER MAN: ‘THE TIME IS NOW TO PREPARE’ Shemitah author calls for national prayer, repentance in video

Author and Bible teacher Jonathan Cahn says he has been so swamped with questions and concerns about the looming end of the Shemitah year on Sept. 13 that he can’t answer them […]

In Feature-Length Film, Hamas Depicts its ‘Victory’ over Israel

Hamas’s media arm, “Al Aqsa,” has released a feature-length drama to mark one years since last summer’s war. The 55-minute, slickly-produced film is entitled “Ambushes of Death,” and intersperses testimonies from terrorists who […]