Israel Aware of the Fact that it has a Magog (Russian) Border Now

Israel has Magog on its borders. How about them Ezekiel 38 apples? Israel has purposefully remained silent while Magog (Russia) amasses forces near its northern border and works intensively to help Bashar Assad’s […]

Rome II (EU) Calls For Palestinian State After Henkin Murders

Did you know that there was such a thing as a High Representative for Foreign Affairs? Rome II European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini on Friday released a condolence statement […]

John Kerry: Temple Mount Must Remain ‘In the Hands of Jordan’

Look who is on the wrong side of history. US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Israel and the Palestinians on Monday to demonstrate calm after violent clashes in the Old City […]

Netanyahu: Israel ‘Fighting to the Death’ Against Terror

Psalm 83 War and Third Temple indicators.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening ordered security forces to speed up the process of demolition of terrorists’ homes and to continue to use […]

Jewish Journalists: Bar Jews from Temple Mount

Key take away: “There is no doubt that everything that has been going on in Jerusalem lately is directly connected to the Temple Mount” Prominent mainstream media journalists are laying the blame […]

Violence Intensifies in Jerusalem, West Bank – ‘On the Brink’

Psalm 83 War incoming? JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Violence intensified in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Sunday after Israelis were targeted in two stabbing attacks and a Palestinian was killed in a […]

PA Media: Birkat Kohanim? Jewish ‘Desecration of Al-Buraq Wall’

And now the wailing wall is Muslim.  Tens of thousands of Jews from Israel and throughout the world gathered at the Kotel (Western Wall) plaza Wednesday morning for the Birkat Kohanim (Priestly […]

Abbas Says no Longer Bound by Oslo Accords with Israel, Asks for ‘Global Protection’

Well this headline is tailor made for the Antichrist to come in and save the day. The Psalm 83 War is either on the way or here already.  Mahmoud Abbas, the president […]

Netanyahu: Palestinians using Temple Mount to Incite against Israel

  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged that the Palestinians were abusing the sanctity of theTemple Mount to incite the Arab world against Israel, moments before he boarded an airplane Tuesday for New […]

Hamas: All of Israel is Ours Including Temple Mount

  Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh pushed for Palestinian Arabs to rededicate themselves to resisting the “Zionist Occupation” on Sunday, in a speech in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha. In his speech, […]