Violence over Temple Mount Spills into Ramallah

  Clashes between Israeli security forces and Arab rioters in Jerusalem’s Old City have spilled over to a checkpoint outside Ramallah, amid heightened tensions as Jews celebrate the Sukkot holiday. Violent Arab mobs […]

Leading Rabbi: Time for Synagogue on Temple Mount

  Rabbi Nahum Eliezer Rabinowitz, Head of the Maaleh Adumim Hesder Yeshiva and a leading Zionist rabbi, spoke Tuesday in favor of constructing a synagogue on the Temple Mount. “A synagogue should be […]

Netanyahu Subjects to Rome II (UN): Persia (Iran), Psalm 83 War, and Temple Mount

And Obama’s speech yesterday was 100% MLMD material through and through. I can’t wait for a real leader to speak.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara Netanyahu, took off on […]

At Rome II (UN) Jordan’s King Abdullah Threatens Israel over Temple Mount

  Continuing on a recent theme of blaming Israel for unrest on the Temple Mount, Jordan’s King Abdullah said Monday that his country would “prevent any threat” to “the holiness” of the […]

Muslim Firebombers Attack Police on Temple Mount

  First Publish: 9/28/2015, 8:12 PM / Last Update: 9/28/2015, 8:39 PM   Video Player New clashes broke out Monday between Muslim extremists and Israeli police on the Temple Mount, as Islamist groups […]

Netanyahu to Tell UN: Enough Muslim Incitement over Temple Mount

  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will leave for the U.S. on Tuesday, in advance of his expected appearance at the United Nations GeneralAssembly Thursday. In his speech, Netanyahu is expected to discuss […]

‘Palestinians’ Clash with Israeli Riot Police on Temple Mount

Here’s what you need to know regarding the incoming Third Temple: The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, a small group that seeks the construction of a new Jewish temple on […]

Police to Impose Tighter Restrictions on Temple Mount Entry Against Muslims

  The Israel Police announced on Sunday afternoon that, following the ongoing riots by Arabs on the Temple Mount, it would impose tighter restrictions on Muslim entry to the compound, effective immediately. […]

Israeli Gov’t Welcomes Egypt’s Call to Expand Peace with Israel

  The Israeli government welcomed Sunday Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s call for other countries in the Middle East to make peace with Israel. “The Government of Israel welcomes Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi’s call to […]

New Clashes at Jerusalem Temple Mount

The Flashpoint for the Psalm 83 War.  JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli riot police briefly clashed with young Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site early Sunday, raising tensions ahead of a […]