Magog Invasion

Magog (Russia) Gearing up to be First World Power to Insert Paratroopers into Syria

Magog on the move.  Despite strong denials from Moscow, Russian airborne troops are preparing to land in Syria to fight Islamic State forces. The surprise attack on Monday, Aug. 31, by ISIS […]

Phut (Libya) Tripoli Offices of Egyptian Natural Gas Developer Bombed

Will Islamist radicals attempt to derail development of a huge gas field off Egypt’s shores? On Monday, a report said that the Tripoli headquarters of the company that announced the find – […]

Top Iranian Cleric: US Still Iran’s ‘Number One Enemy’

Israel must be annihilated and the United States’ crimes are innumerable. And Obama made a nuclear deal with these people.   Iran’s top religious body rules that despite nuclear deal reached with […]

Gomer (Germany): Unacceptable how Persia (Iran) Continues to Talk About Israel; Magog (Russia) and Persia Support Psalm 83 Player

3 out of 5 Magog players. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference in Berlin on Monday that she would welcome Iran’s participation in the ongoing fight against ISIS in […]

Israel Navy Intercepts Gaza-bound Persia (Iran) Rocket Ship Near Cush (Port Sudan)

This is a story from 2014 linking Persia (Iran) to Cush (Sudan). (Ezekiel 38 Players) Special operation, directly overseen by IDF chief Gantz, takes place in the Red Sea 1500 kilometers away […]

Cheney: Iran Deal Likely to Lead to First Use of Nuclear Weapon Since WWII

Ezekiel 39 describes NBC (Nuclear, Chemical, Biological) weapons and their use so accurately that the details could be taken out of a modern military NBC handbook. This is a solid indicator that […]

The Identity of Magog – Russia or Turkey? (Russia’s Plans for the Arctic)

One of the bigger divides among biblical scholars is the identity of Magog in Ezekiel 38/39, and to some extent Revelation 20.  Some argue that it is Turkey for various reasons and […]

Magog (Russia) to Help Persia (Iran) Build Own Satellite Observation Systems

This is an important reminder about the Russia/Iran is Magog/Persia connection. When studying biblical prophecy it is important not to do eisegesis by reading news stories, and then making the biblical passages […]

Iran Renews Full Funding of Islamic Jihad Terrorists

Ezekiel 38 Player (Iran/Persia) supporting a Psalm 83 Player.  TEL AVIV – After months of financial hardship, the coffers of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization are set to overflow with Iranian […]

Ed Royce: Obama Deal Gives Iran ‘Path Toward Nuclear Weapons’

  The Iran nuclear deal gives Tehran “a cash bonanza” and “a path toward nuclear weapons” while leaving the world a more dangerous place, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce said […]