North Korea

North Korea ‘Apology’ Over Land Mine Attack Criticized

“This is unprecedented because North Korea almost never owns to any provocation or their responsibility with those provocations. They normally think that its their right because they are an independent country. For […]

It is Time for Israel to do “Something” about North Korea

Although Israel faces numerous threats at home and abroad, one of our most unsung enemies is the one that is perhaps furthest away: Kim Jong Un’s dictatorial regime in North Korea. Nearly […]

70% of North Korea’s Submarines have Left their Bases, Can’t be Located

Dozens of N. Korean submarines left their bases at both Eastern and Western coast, and can’t be located. Military are increasing their surveillance capability to track them, it is confirmed. That accounts […]

North Korea: We’re in a ‘quasi-state of war’

  South Korea returned fire after it was attacked by North Korea. No damage was reported, though hundreds were evacuated from the area. Video provided by Newsy Newslook South Korean army armored […]