Top Persia (Iranian) Space Scientist Killed in Mecca Crane ‘Act of God’

I wonder how long it will be before Israel is blamed.  Top Persia Iranian space scientist and university professor Ahmad Hatami was killed in the crane collapse in Mecca’s Grand Mosque on […]

Warning to US after Magog (Russia) Secret Meeting with Persia (Iran) Quds Force Commander

I’m pretty sure this is how WW III started in a couple of Tom Clancy’s books.  The growing rift between the United States and Russia over concerns that Moscow is employing its […]

Sheba (Yemen)’s Government Pulls Out of Rome II Mediated Peace Talks with Persia (Iran) Proxies

This fight is over control of the Red Sea which leads directly to the Israeli city of Eilat.  Yemen’s exiled government pulled out of UN-mediated peace talks with its Persia (Houthi) adversaries […]

Inside the ISIS Arsenal – Growing to ‘Army’ Level – Supplied by Phut (Libya) and Persia (Iran)

Not bad for the JV team. Notice the Ezekiel 38 Players who are supplying the additional arms. The story does say that they are also supplying arms to Al-Shabaab in Somolia, but […]

Persia (Iran) Says it has Discovered Unexpectedly High Uranium Reserve

I remember the last time I tripped over my kids’ toys and accidentally discovered unexpected high Uranium Reserves. And this is what they are telling us! Imagine what they aren’t telling us.  […]

Persia (Iranian) Troops Join Magog (Russians) in Syria Fighting

The next step is for Gomer to send some troops and then we’re really cooking with bacon.  Israeli security sources claim Quds Force sending hundreds of elite troops in unprecedented cooperation with […]

A ‘Perfect Storm’ in Syria (Psalm 83 Player) as Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) Increase Support

As all of these indicators keep rolling in the thing that the skeptical need to keep in mind is that biblical prophecy scholars have been saying that these exact countries will be […]

Israel to Boost F-35 Capabilities After Persia (Iran) Deal

Israel got an exemption from Lockheed Martin for third party technicians to maintain the planes.  The reason? Imminent War.  Israel is actively working to double the range of its F-35 defense fighters, […]

Psalm 83 Player (ISIS) and Persia (Iran) Causing Middle East to ‘DISINTEGRATE’, says Israel PM Netanyahu

Arriving in Downing Street for talks with Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr Netanyahu stated his belief that Israel and Britain can work together to “roll back the tide of militant Islam both […]

U.S. Moves to Block Magog (Russian) Military Buildup in Syria – Planes also Land in Persia (Iran)

I’m glad we are doing something about it. There’s also been reports of Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) and they’ve made stops over in Iran on the way to Syria.  WASHINGTON — The United […]