Persia (Iran) Threatens Nuclear Plants if Deal Not Implemented

  The speaker of Persia (Iran)’s parliament, Ali Larijani, has warned the West that his country will build nuclear plants if the implementation of the nuclear deal is delayed. The Western powers […]

Persia (Iran)’s Supreme Leader Endorses Nuclear Deal but says US Can’t be Trusted

Its almost like Iran wants to inspect our Nuclear sites. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t thought of this yet.  Persia (Iran)’s supreme leader on Wednesday endorsed a landmark nuclear deal reached with world […]

Robert Gates: US Syrian Rebel Training Program ‘Nuts’

We spent $500,000,000 on ‘nuts.’ A doomed US plan now on hold to train Syrian rebel fighters outside the country to fight the Islamic State was “nuts,” former defense secretary Robert Gates […]

U.S. Officials Conclude Iran Deal Violates Federal Law

  By James Rosen Published October 09, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook5322 Twitter1111 livefyre12387 Email Print NOW PLAYINGHow a foreign sub loophole challenges the Iran nuclear deal Some senior U.S. officials involved in the […]

Congress Investigating ‘Possible’ Intel Lapses over Russian Presence in Syria

One of my main philosophies regarding Intelligence is that “intelligence failures” often aren’t. They are used to cover bad command decisions or policies via the politics of the bureaucracy and this story […]

Obama to Press Growth, Climate Issues at Rome II (UN)

Oh good, Obama said “global development issues” will be part of his work after he leaves office in January 2017. President Barack Obama’s appearance at the United Nations this week is essentially […]

FBI Building Biometric Database on All Citizens

For years the FBI maintained it had no interest in scanning fingerprints collected by employers — teachers, lawyers, state and federal workers, even bike messengers now routinely submit fingerprints for employment — […]

In Pope Francis’s Visit, White House Sees a Chance to ‘Transcend Politics’

This story has a little bit of Socialism, a little bit of Ecumenical Religion, a little bit of “Pope most popular dude in the world,” and then there is this gem: “Pope […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blocked Iran Resolution at DNC Meeting

Wow! The DNC Chair blocked a resolution praising Obama and would have backed his deal with Iran? That stings.  MINNEAPOLIS — Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a […]


Enforcing your countries laws is not isolationism. But while we are on the subject, the Waldenses and Albigenses say hello Frank. he U.S. ambassador to the Vatican said that during Pope Francis’ visit […]