Obama, The False Prophet, and the Kings of the East are Teaming Up to Save the World

Liberals of the world unite to find solutions to a scientific fraud! Something big and strange is happening in the United States this week. Three wildly different world leaders with divergent personalities, […]

Pope Blames Refugee Crisis on ‘God of Money,’ ‘Socio-Economic System That Is Bad, Unjust’

And of course the institution to correct this egregious error is the wealthiest entity in the world which obtained its wealth by torturing and murdering its theological opponents and confiscating their stuff. […]

In Vatican, Rivlin Hails ‘Shared Roots’ of Judaism, Christianity

Keep an eye out for whomever enforces the peace mentioned here. On a side note, this gift to the Vatican is a direct shot across the bow.  Israeli President Reuven Rilvin was […]

Earth Charter, Global Authority, Pope, and Teeth

Who is the Woman who Rides the Beast? Earth Charter. Probably no 1 world religion to see here. The Earth Charter concept, according to the Charter’s website, is intended for all people and all […]


Enforcing your countries laws is not isolationism. But while we are on the subject, the Waldenses and Albigenses say hello Frank. he U.S. ambassador to the Vatican said that during Pope Francis’ visit […]

Pope Under Pressure as Half-Million Catholics Urge Him to Rearffirm Marriage

I’m not sure that I’d call the Catholic church the “centre of history” but this petition sure is telling.    More than 500,000 Catholics, including many senior clerics, have signed a petition […]

Focus Shifts to Shared Goals with Obama as Pope Visit Nears

Here’s the highlight: The pope has embraced many of the issues Obama has sought to advance, including global warming, poverty and diplomacy with Iran and Cuba. WASHINGTON (AP) — Sweeping into office in […]