Psalm 83 War

Jordan’s King Welcomes Announcement on Temple Mount ‘Status Quo’

What is the status quo you ask? Muslims can pray on the Temple Mount, but Jews and Christians cannot. It is Islam’s way or they will kill you.  Jordan’s King Abdullah II […]

Sweden Almost Triples Refugee Estimates as System Buckles

  Sweden is being overwhelmed in its efforts to absorb a record number of asylum seekers looking for refuge inside its borders. The country’s migration agency on Thursday raised its forecast to […]

Magog (Russia) Proposes Meeting of ‘Peace’ with Israel, Dedan (Saudi Arabia), & Rome II (EU/UN)

Well now, this headline will certainly make biblical prophecy buffs geek out.  Magog (Russian) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss the Syrian […]

Syrian leader Assad meets with Putin in Magog (Moscow)

 Syria is lecturing about terrorism again.  DAMASCUS, Syria –  President Bashar Assad has traveled to Magog (Moscow) in his first known trip abroad since war broke out in Syria in 2011, meeting […]

Netanyahu Causes Uproar by Linking ‘Palestinians’ to Holocaust

Interesting that Haj Amin al-Husseini was instigating Palestinian attacks on Jews over lies that they planned to destroy the Temple Mount all the way back in World War II.  JERUSALEM (AP) — […]

Official Palestinian Paper Promotes Gruesome Blood Worship

  The official paper of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has given voice to a strange new fetish among Palestinian Arabs, describing how they cherish “inhaling the scent” of the blood of murderous […]