Roman Catholic Church

White House Invites Transvestite, Pro-Abortion Nun, Gay Bishop to Greet Pope

I’m not quite sure who to cheer for. President Obama will apparently test just how far Pope Francis’ notorious tolerance will go by inviting a rogue’s gallery of people opposed to Catholic […]

FBI Arrests Philly Teenager in ISIS-Inspired Plot on Pope Francis

The coming days are going to get interesting. Buckle up.  “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” A 15-year-old Philadelphia-area boy, “inspired” by Islamic State terrorists and allegedly threatening a high-profile attack […]

Pope Blames Refugee Crisis on ‘God of Money,’ ‘Socio-Economic System That Is Bad, Unjust’

And of course the institution to correct this egregious error is the wealthiest entity in the world which obtained its wealth by torturing and murdering its theological opponents and confiscating their stuff. […]

As Pope Visit Nears, U.S. Catholic Church Faces Financial Strain

The clergy sex abuse is going to cost for quite awhile. Even longer if they don’t modify doctrine to allow Priests to marry like the bible says that they should.  BOSTON (Reuters) […]

A Conservative Revolt is Brewing Inside the Vatican

This should get interesting.  VATICAN CITY — On a sunny morning earlier this year, a camera crew entered a well-appointed apartment just outside the 9th-century gates of Vatican City. Pristinely dressed in […]

Going up? Space elevator could zoom astronauts into Earth’s stratosphere

1. Pagan religion has its roots in Babel and Babylon via Nimrod. (According to Gen 10/11) 2. Those pagan roots have transitioned from one governmental organization to the next for thousands of […]