Rome II

Hungary Uncovers Two ISIS ‘terrorists’ Posing as Refugees

And right on time.  European politicians have expressed concerns that Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants could be infiltrating EU borders under the guise of refugees. Hungarian media reports that at least two […]

Israel is Only True Defense Rome II (Europe) has Against Islam, Netanyahu Says

  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called on the European Union to “cease pressuring and attacking Israel…which is the only true defense that Europe has against the rising tide of radical […]

Persia (Iran) Sanctions Relief will Feed Rome II (Europe)’s Syrian Refugee Crisis – Gomer Sold Chemical Weapons to Syria

Gomer, Persia, Rome II, WMD from Ezekiel 39, and Psalm 83 Players all in one news article.  While Gomer (Germany) and Austria are in a celebratory mood about absorbing Syrian refugees, Rome […]

First Rome II (Austrian) President Travels to Persia (Iran) – Gomer Plans to Visit

Rome II, Persia, Kings of the East, Magog, and Gomer all in one news article.    Austrian President Heinz Fischer was travelling to Persia (Iran) on Monday, becoming the first European head […]

Persia (Iran) to Supply Natural Gas to Rome II (Europe) via Spain

  Persia (Iran) and Spain have signed a deal which would allow the Islamic Republic to supply oil to European countries via Spain. The agreement was formalized in Tehran Monday during a […]

Magog (Moscow) “has Definitely Raised the Quality of Equipment it is Sending” to Psalm 83 Player Syria

I think Vlad is correct here. The west will not significantly counter his moves.  Magog (Russia’s) recent military buildup in Syria has sparked concern in Western capitals as Vladimir Putin again appears to […]

Op-Ed: Rome II’s (Europe) Fate will be that of the Roman Empire

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  In his new book “The Last Refuge”, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize for Literature Imre Kertész criticized the attempt to replace Rome II (European) culture […]

Turkish PM slams refugee policy of ‘Christian fortress Rome II (Europe)’

Berlin (AFP) – Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu on Sunday criticised the “ridiculously small” share of refugees the EU is accepting, labelling the continent the “Christian fortress Europe.” Turkey had taken more […]

Father of the Euro Fears Rome II EU Superstate by the Back Door

The question is when does this become “thinkable.” “Such a quantum leap in the constitutional structure of Europe – effectively the creation of an EU superstate, with a parliament comparable in power […]

Rome II Refugee Crisis is Darkened by the Shadows of WWII

“This is the continent whose leaders vowed “Never again” after the political and moral calamity of World War II. The European Union was created to help make good on the promise to […]