1,500 Persia (Iranian) Fighters Enter Syria Under Magog (Russia)’s Cover

  Persia (Iran) has sent around 1,500 fighters to Syria over the past few days, a regional official and Syrian activists claim. The Iranian soldiers, bolstered by Russia’s airstrike campaign, are preparing […]

Official: Magog (Russia) ‘Deliberately Targeting’ US-backed Forces in Syria

  Magog (Moscow) is “deliberately targeting” U.S.-backed forces in Syria as part of a military campaign that has killed up to 150 U.S.-trained rebels, a U.S. official told Fox News. The claim […]

Rome II (EU): Magog (Russian) Troops in Syria Are a ‘Game-Changer’

  EU foreign chief Mogherini warns Russian intervention ‘very worrying’ at meeting on political talks divided over Assad’s future. Share on google_plusone_shareShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore Sharing Services5 By Arutz […]

Magog (Russia) Foils Major ISIS Attack in Moscow

Psalm 83 War (pre?) reaches the heart of Magog.  Magog (Russia)’s security services said on Monday it foiled a terrorist attack on Moscow’s public transport system by a group of Islamist terrorists, some […]

MH17 Crash Report Finds Plane Downed by Magog (Russian) Missile over Eastern Ukraine

  The White House is calling the Dutch report identifying a Magog (Russian)-made Buk missile as the cause of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash an “important milestone in the effort to […]

Russian Airstrikes Kill Top 2 ISIS Commanders, 300 Terrorists

So we are killing some ISIS Commanders and some Iranian Generals.  All in all I’d call that a good day’s work.  Russian air forces carried out 67 sorties, striking 60 separate targets […]

Magog (Russia)’s New Mega-Missile Stuns the Globe

Moscow’s missile raid helps re-establish Russia as a global military power. “They’re very serious about this,” Wertheim said. Putin’s latest weapons were mostly unknown to the outside world—until they began slamming into […]

Obama: Magog (Putin)’s Intervention in Syria is ‘a Recipe for Disaster’

I wonder what it is exactly that we are ‘rethinking.’ Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian Civil War is “a recipe for disaster”, US President Barack Obama said Friday, less than a […]

Magog (Russian) Missiles Heading for Syria Landed in Persia (Iran)

  Washington (CNN)A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday. Monitoring by U.S. military […]

Kings of the East “Chinese” Navy Looms as Russia Strikes Syrian ‘Rebels’

  TEL AVIV – As Russia’s Caspian Sea fleet launched precision-guided cruise missiles at Syrian rebel positions, a Chinese naval vessel continued to loom menacingly in the background, maintaining its presence in […]