US Regulators Accept ‘Chip in a Pill’ Application

  Smart medicines that tell doctors when their patients have taken them moved a step closer to reality after a company developing the first “digital pill” had its drug application accepted by […]

Real-life ‘Jurassic Park’? Siberian lab set to clone extinct mammals

Where is Jeff Goldblum when you need him? Russian scientists have begun their quest to clone pre-historic animals, including but not limited to a woolly mammoth, hoping that Siberian permafrost will give […]

The 5ft-long Scorpion Fossil that Terrorized the Seas “460 million years ago”

The thing to keep in mind is that according to the Supernatural (Creation) Worldview, this fossil is only ~4,500 or so years old.  Yet evolutionary thinkers are continually surprised by “fantastically preserved” […]

A Surprise Source of Life’s Code (Evolutionary Thinkers Demonstrated Wrong Again)

These studies are another reminder that the “junk DNA” myth was a rush to judgment by Darwinian evolutionists who, because of their own biases, assumed that unguided biological processes are wasteful and […]

Flashback: ABC News Envisioned Apocalyptic 2015 Triggered By Climate Change [VIDEO]

Just a friendly reminder that Climate Warming or Global Change…whatever it is called today, is a political agenda and not based in science. Science is not consensus. There isn’t consensus that the […]

NASA Sees a Tropical Trio of Category 4 Pacific Ocean Hurricanes

This is the first time this has ever happened.  NASA’s Terra satellite saw Hurricanes Kilo, Ignacio, and Jimena, all Category Four Hurricanes, lined up across the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean on […]

Burning Man to Exhibit Artificial Intelligence Interaction through Social Discovery Ventures

The video is really demonic.  Artificial Intelligence makes its way to Burning Man, thanks to Social Discovery Ventures. Social Discovery Ventures, headquartered in New York, Moscow, and Hong Kong was the recipient […]

No Trace of Evolution from a Common Ancestor Found.

As expected by Creationists from the massive genome evidence now available. Here is the key so-what: “In summary, this study has provided new details on patterns and rates of mitochondrial genome evolution […]

These Patterns Exist both in Math (Not Made Up of Atoms) and Nature (Made up of Atoms) But Why?

In this presentation Dr. Jason Lisle explores the Mandlebrot Set, which is a fractal. This particular fractal isn’t the same image all the way down though. As you zoom in on different […]