The Assyrian

Damascus Prepared to Cooperate with Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) in ‘its Fight Against Terrorism’

There’s some possible “The Assryian” indicators at the end with the rise of the Kurds to along with the Persia/Magog links.   A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but […]

No One is Talking About What’s Happening to Christian Refugees

Keeping an eye out for “The Assryian” to rise from these ashes.  Wealthy Western nations the world over are being faced with an influx of Muslim refugees from wartorn poorer nations, but […]

“The Assyrian” is one of the titles attributed to the Antichrist in scripture. (Micah 5)

I hadn’t made any modern connections other than a generalization that he would be from the middle east or the land Assyria used to occupy. “News of Analysis of Assyrian and Assyrian-related […]

The Assyrians of Chicago

Historical Background  The Assyrians are the indigenous people of Mesopotamia and have a history spanning over 6700 years. Moreover, they are the descendants of the ancient Assyrians- builders of the earliest civilization. […]