The Four Horsemen and the 7 Seals

Many books have been written about the identity of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. But have we been overthinking it? Is the identity of each hidden in plain site. Do the colors matter? Let’s examine some observations and what I think are, at best, the identities of the Horsemen, and at worst an excellent type and shadow of things to come. As an intelligence analyst, these are pretty powerful indicators that this is Most Likely the correct answer. But if more evidence and indicators present themselves than I am certainly still open to refining my assessment.


White Horse: Has a bow and a crown. Bent on conquest. (Rev 6:2)

Red Horse: Can take peace. Make people kill each other. Has a sword. (Rev 6:4)

Black Horse: Scales. Can cause grave damage to the economy. (But do not damage the OIL and wine. Rev 6:6)

Pale Horse: This is actually a Green Horse. χλωρός chlōros – Pale Green – Is given power OVER 1/4 of the Earth. It doesn’t say that they will kill 1/4 of the population by sword, famine, and plague; it just says that they were given power over a 1/4 of the Earth to kill those people in that quarter. (Rev 6:8) More on that later.

What do you notice about them and their colors? White, Red, Green, and Black.

Now, take those 4 colors and then look at the flags below of the nations that surround Israel, including a couple of Ezekiel 38 players.

First we have Iraq:


And then we have Syria:


I list these two countries first because because ISIS (a.k.a The Islamic State or IS) has operational control of roughly half of both of these countries.

But I want to draw your attention to the flags. What colors are they?

White, Red, Black, and Green.

Now let’s take a look at other countries where ISIS may not own the land, but they certainly have Command and Control (C2), influence, and affiliates.








Egypt (Older Flag)




Western Sahara

western sahara


All of them are White, Red, Black, and Green.

If we fit the Horsemen and these colors from the flags into the news today, do they make sense regarding Israel? The White Horse being bent on conquest would certainly fit the current ISIS and Iran nuclear crisis. The Red Horse is given the power to take peace? That’s a pretty broad brush and easily assessed as confirmed in most ages, but it is certainly valid here. The Green Horse seems to indicate a rise in food prices because of the instability, but notice that it says not to touch the oil and the wine. There’s a whole lot of oil in the Middle East. And then there is the Black Horse who kills by sword, famine, and plague, followed by the killings of believers that are beheaded. If ISIS or any of the “Horse States” or their proxies acquire a Biological weapon and use it, then this would also fit nicely. Notice that Syria has indeed used Chemical weapons on its people. Islam also has control over about 1/4 of the Earth.

Islam World

It would seem plausible that the current Tetrad of Blood Moons along with the last 2 Tetrads are “drilling” down further into Israel’s geography. The first Tetrad was in 1949, shortly after Israel had become a nation again for the first time in over 2,000 years. The next Tetrad in 1967 seems to coincide with Israel taking over Jerusalem, further drilling down in scope. This Tetrad may well end leading to the Pslam 83 War (most players mentioned below) and following that, the Ezekiel 38 Magog inavsion. That event could cause the rebuilding of the temple, which would be even more “focused” in scale.

Blood moons

The 5th Seal is those who have been slain because of the word of God.

Revelation 20:4 says that at least some of those were beheaded. It is my conjecture that the Saints in chapter 6 are beheaded as described in chapter 20, but it is a popular view among theologians and we are painfully aware that this is indeed literally happening before our eyes.


Now, I’m not dogmatic that we are seeing the first 5 seals broken before our eyes, but all of this information certainly gives me pause. If new information comes out that is a better fit to the seals, then I will reassess my current view that we might indeed be seeing the first 5 seals being broken before our eyes.

If that is true then the 6th Seal is a “Great Earthquake.” The sun goes black, and the moon goes red. That certainly corresponds to the Blood Moon Tetrad and the solar eclipses that we’ve seen. But this Great Earthquake will be huge, and apparently affects the entire earth. (Rev 6:15,16)

Seen any movies lately about a Great Earthquake?